There exists within the world a positive force, a current of power unlike any other. Very few have felt its magical touch, but those that have are said to be blessed with endless amounts of positive energy.

It started years ago, when a species of unfamiliar beings was uncovered on a distant island. Unlike no other living creature, the Kodaz had separated themselves from society for good reason. They were blessed with the ability to bestow humans with great power, but chose not to do so. The Kodaz believed that humans weren’t worthy of power, and that handing them such a force would damage the world as they knew it.

For a long time this was law, and humans were starved of a great gift… but then everything changed.

A break-away faction of the Kodaz had been brewing for centuries, certain that their kind were wrong about the humans. They believed that their gift was meant to be bestowed upon the humans, and that doing so would reveal their purest form. As the years passed, this faction grew larger and stronger, until they were ready to flip the script completely.

That time has come.

The Kodaz have freed themselves from the bounds of their kind, and are ready to enlighten the world. 3,000 of them are preparing to change the lives of humans across the globe, and tap into their true and wholesome nature…

Will you be one of them?

About Us

Kodaz is an exciting NFT project, blessing the world with 10,000 3D generative art pieces. With a vision to provide incredible artwork to the blockchain, the Kodaz are ready to select their human counterparts.

Kodaz is all about bringing value back to the very basics, and providing the very next high-value pfp project. No more overpromising, no more under delivering. Just straightforward value.


Positive Energy

NFT projects often talk about “vibes”, but very few hone in on the value of positive energy. With a lot of negativity in the blockchain environment, we believe that it is our job as a community to protect that. We’ve let this shine through from our very core - from the story to our socials, we’re all about positivity.


We realize that there has to be a final reward for our holders, and we’re providing that with an easy-to-play P2E game. How many times have you got lost in an exciting game? Just think about how much more fun that would be if you were earning at the same time… Crazy, right?


This one should be obvious, shouldn’t it? Everything that we do is for you. By really focusing on the positive nature of our environment, we’re able to build one the most valuable NFT communities in the space right now.


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Community Manager


NFT stands for Non Fungible Token, and it is a way of proving digital authenticity. Many projects, like this one, use creative artwork to present their NFTs, which also come with membership utilities.

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